His family relocated to Placerville, CA, where Reid learned trumpet, trombone, and baritone in school, playing in symphonic band, jazz band, pep band, and marching band, while continuing to play tenor banjo, harp, and guitar. In 1970 Scott formed a bluegrass duo, traveling across the US after being introduced to bluegrass by Vern & Ray, bluegrass Hall of Famers.

In 1973 Scott and his duo partner, Jack Stone, formed Virgin Territory in Portland Oregon (w/ local legends Willy and Matt Cripps) performing as regular session and sidemen for the Holy Modal Rounders, and Jeff Fredericks and the Clamtones.  Reid’s travels had brought him to Idaho several times, moving here to stay in 1979.

Reid performed with Doug and Kathy Scheffler, Alan Lane, Jeff Decker, as well as Sid and the Sidewinders, Country Stash, and Black Diamond String Band. He formed the Monarch Band with Ray Allen and Don Scott, getting booked at the then-new Silverwood theme park, continuing to play there for 10 years, while teaching and touring the Northwest. When the band took a hiatus, Scott continued as a solo artist at Silverwood where he met his wife, Laurie Sims.

The Reid’s moved to Arizona, returning to Idaho after a year. They played locally, while Scott once again took on students. The Monarch Mountain Band reformed when former member Ray Allen returned, with Laurie playing percussion, and singing backup in the band, still performing regularly around the Pacific Northwest.

For more information, please contact Scott at 208-683-7311.

Scott Reid
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