Daniel does not use curriculums, but rather customizes each guitar study experience for the student individually. He is able to to teach beginners, to advanced guitarists, and has a masterful knowledge of scale and chord theory. Whether you want to sing, and play guitar well enough to accompany your voice, or if you want to learn to improvise great rock jazz or country lead guitar solos, Daniel is an expert in the theoretical and technical approach to achieving these skills

Daniel has performed with or opened for Alex De Grassi, Ben Barnett of the Thermals, Craig Montoya of Everclear, Thom Rutley of Santana, Adam Sherburne of Consolidated, Andy Sheldon of the Samples. 

​"If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing a career in music, or perhaps you just want to have fun with the guitar, going deeper into the knowledge of it, Daniel Mills is an excellent choice for an instructor to help you achieve these goals."

“Killer Guitar Work” – The Inlander (Laura Johnson)