Burt's offers a list of local teachers, and their contact info if they wish to participate. 

Teachers may request to be included on the list. Just give a call, or email us the pertinent info.
Music Instruction
Burt's Music and Sound is happy to offer music instruction by trusted instructors.

Scott Reid
Scott Reid has been the resident banjo, fiddle, and mandolin teacher at Burt’s Music for several years. As a member of a very musical family in the San Francisco Bay area, Scott’s influences included folk, jazz, rock, blues, and country, to Sousa-style marching bands, show tunes, and symphonic music. He studied piano, guitar, and harmonica as a child. He was largely influenced by the folk revivalists, and beat poets of the era, in particular Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan. Read more...

Music Instructors
Paul Mata
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Paul Mata is entering his 14th year as a member of the Burt's Music teaching staff, teaching guitar electric bass and music theory. He is also on staff as an instructor for The Coeur d'Alene Arts Council Summer Youth Program. Paul's major emphasis is on teaching students to become skillful musicians with a broad understanding of common music principles, and the ability to apply them. 
The Idaho Music Teachers Association is a support group fostering personal and professional growth for music educators. Visit their website for more information by clicking here.


​Dr. Tsareva-Huber is the product of several generations
of Russian classical musicians and composers and was 
introduced to the piano at age 5. She began teaching piano 
herself at the age of 16. She was recognized throughout her 
adolescence as a-"young virtuoso" in competitions she won 
in Kazan, Gorky, Cheboksary and Samara. This culminated 
in the Special Music College Competitions in Russia where 
she placed first with "best .performance of pieces by Russian
composers," first in "best performance of Bach" and first in "best performance of masterly pieces. "
​
Piano, Music and Voice Coach at Burt’s Music and Sound.  
Gwen Gathercoal grew up in a musically gifted family and studied classical piano. Then, after learning guitar (classical and pop) she played and sang in many venues. 

Gwen lived in Australia for several years, while there she sang with bands, incorporating her keyboard, ultimately recording a video clip for RCA. She wrote and arranged music (rock and pop songs). 

Cellist Mika Hood is an avid chamber musician and performer. 
She can be heard performing as the principal cellist of the 
Coeur d’Alene Symphony and in various ensembles all over 
the area including the Spokane Symphony as a substitute. 

She received a Masters in Cello Performance from the Jacobs 
School of Music at Indiana University. While there, she studied 
with Emilio Colon and the Pacifica String Quartet. Other mentors to 
Ms. Hood include the Helga Winold, and Jonathan Ruck. 

She has also performed in masterclasses with renowned 
musicians such as Lynn Harrell, Ko Iwasaki, The Johannes 
String Quartet, Koichiro Harada, Alison Wells, Julie Albers, and
 David Ying. Ms. Hood has over 20 years of performing experience 
and over 10 years of teaching experience, and continues to teach 
enthusiastically in the Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene areas. 

Mika Hood
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