Margarita Tsareva-Huber
Her study continued at the Glinka State Conservatory of 
Music in Gorky, where she developed her talent in the 
demanding traditions of Russian classical piano as portrayed 
by S. Rachmaninov, L. Oborin, V.Ashkenazi, E. Gillels, J. Flier, 
S. Richter, N.Petrov, T.Nikolayeva, and E. Virsaladze among 
other greats. Her instructors were students of Henry Neighauz, 
Yakov Milshtein and Alexandr Goldenveizer. Rita fulfilled the 
highest achievements at Glinka and matriculated as teacher, 
soloist and concertmaster ( known here as accompanist. )

Afterward, Rita completed two-years of post-graduate work and
continued piano instruction at the Special Music School. Competitions
in later years provided her with six additional concertmaster bests and
many awards for her students. She also performed with her students
in a variety of cultural events and on radio and television in Russia.

Rita moved to northern Idaho in 2001 and has since been featured in a
variety of performances for the Coeur d'Alene Symphony Chamber
Orchestra, Lake City Playhouse, Coeur d'Alene Opera and Spokane
Opera as well as special recitals and local festivals, and as
accompaniment for young artists in various regional and national

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